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Domo’s Slippery Little Cunt Flower…

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I wore a flower in my hair for LA Pink and it really made me feel classy. Domo also sports a flower in her hair quite nicely! Wearing something classy to prepare for getting disrobed on camera is pretty superlative (tip for life).


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Maddy Marks Puffy Coed Pussy Fill My Wet Cunt

Maddy Marks has one of the nicest 18 year old swollen cunts I’ve ever had the chance to see and watching this old man pull her pink thong aside and finger her wonderful shaved cunt is enough to make me think I have a chance with a teen as hot as Maddy. In fact, the redhead teen Maddy Marks has more than a cute swollen cunt (swollen cunt), she also has a immaculate set of immense natural hooters that any mad (or woman) could get hours of pleasure from – I wonder if the old pervert in this picture ever titty-fucked the cute redhead or if he at least shot his load of hot spunk on her immaculate set of hooters?See if she did by joining Glass Mannequin today.

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Maddy Marks swollen cunt

If you want to see more of Maddy Marks, then you can find her on all three Glass Mannequin Production sites – Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister. Join one today and get the other two free.

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Stuff My Cunt Hot Blonde, Hot Dress, Pink Pussy

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Quick! Call the police! Someone tagged a busty flaxen honey’s clothes while she was sleeping! OK…sorry. Maybe that was not my greatest joke…but, Cali does look really hot in her graffiti dress flashing her shaved pink cunt. It’s always a good day when Cali has a new photo set up; she’s one of our few hot flaxen sweeties…it’s a nice treat!


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Buddy – Wet Cunt For You Your Sister Has A Tight Little Cunt

Dude, I thought  your sister had a tight little cunt when I first fingered her cunt but damn buddy, her puffy cunt is not only sexy as hell, it’s one tight little fucker. In fact, I bet you are wondering what it feels like to ram your schlong seep in your own sisters pussy – but you’ll just have to trust me on this one – since it’s just not right for a brother to be fucking his own sister. That’s what you brought the little floozy to me in the first place. You were all pissed off at her and you wanted to see her revenge-fucked by an old fart so you drug the young cum dumpster to me and said “buddy – fuck my perverted little sister”

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So that’s what I’m doing – fucking your little sister as you sit there and shoot me. Bet you always dreamed about filming your own little sister taking a massive fat schlong deep in her puffy cunt – must be a real turn-on for a pervert like you. In fact, I’ll even let you have a copy of the film so you can take it dwelling and watch me fucking your sister over and  over again. Of course, you might be smart and just bookmark this page so you can drop back in and see homemade film of your on sister plus movies that other guys made of their sisters.

Damn buddy – your sister had unspoiled fucking titties too. Bet you live making film of her massive floppy rack slapping around as i fuck her. This had nothing to do with you being pissed at her…. you just wanted to shoot your sister fucking so you could show the film you made to all your sick fucking friends.  But then – wtf – I am the one fucking your sister as you shoot it.

Good news – if you get a membership to Bring Me Your Sister today, I’ll throw in free access to two more amateur smut sites: Glass Manneqin and Real Colorado Girls.

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Sabrina Up On The Cunt Needs Lovin Roof

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Remember my cute, sexy girlfriend Sabrina? Remember those crazy videos we made – Joanna’s Angels? Remember The Lovely Brenda shooting on rooftops all over New York City? Hope you enjoy this blast-from-the-past photo set!

MORE ALT smut pics HERE

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Shave Cunt Jamie Kenney

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Jamie Kenney @ BlacksOnBlondes.com Spring is in the air, and the cuckold’s are starting to bloom, so, this week, we picked a fresh one just for you! This scene features Jamie Kenney and her sissy hubby on the white side of the equation, and three hung studs to round things out for the black team. Jamie and her wimp of a husband are walking in the wrong part of town when they suddenly find that the sidewalk in front of them is occupied by three black bruthas looking to get their ends wet in some white cunt. Jamie is up for that idea right away, while her cunt of a hubby just wants to run away. She of course, gets her way, and before long she’s getting naked and on her knees to sample some of the local darkmeat fare. The wimp settles in across the room and gets out his little pecker and strokes along while his lady is getting gangbanged right next to him. You can’t help noticing the contrast between his little cocktail weiner and the mammoth black sausages that are taking turns converting Jamie into a mass of quivering flesh. After they fuck her into the twilight zone, and empty their nutsacks into her mouth, the humiliated but happy man does cleanup duty and mops her face with tissues.

Jamie Kenney Jamie Kenney

Visit BlacksOnBlondes.com, place of the Dogfart Series for more of Jamie Kenney

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Mistidawn’s Interracial Cream On My Swollen Cunt Fantasy Comes True!

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Growing up the tattooed redhead MistiDawn always had one of those "black erections white sweet hearts" fantasies…So when I told her I could introduce her to Sean Michaels…well…she was ecstatic. They had super romantic sex screwing on my dining room table. I’m glad I could make her black dick dreams come true!


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Buddy, Puffy Coed Cunt You Can’t Video Your Sister Fucking

Part 2 of “man, She’s Your Sister”

Josh figured if his dad could fuck his half-sister, he could make a smut staring his little sister…..  man, that’s just wrong… and I fucking love the idea – but then again, I’m the sick old fucker that gets to fuck your little sister as you film it. Now guys, I like fucking teenager pussy as much as the next guy so I put this add in the paper looking for brothers that are pissed off at their sisters, brothers that want to see their little sisters revenge-fucked, brothers that want to watch as I fuck their sisters, and I even let then film me fucking their sisters. Then I put the sister porno clips on the internet at  BringMeYourSister.com

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So when Josh showed up with his little sister Hannah, he had it in his mind that he was going to see his little sister getting fucked. In fact, I would even let him film his little sister fucking as long as he kept his little boner in his pants. man, Hannah has one tight little cunt. I was amazed that she could take all my boner and even more amazed that the little cunt let me fuck her as hard as I did. His little sister kept whispering “harder, harder” as I hammered her tight little teenager pussy. Her fucking brother had a hard-on the whole fucking time I was fucking his sister – sick bastard. I’m pretty sure he has already downloaded the entire DVD quality scene from BringMeYourSister.com and is jerking off to it as I type this.

So all you sick fuckers that have nasty sisters, hit me up and I”ll let you make a scene of your own sister – as I grudge fuck the shit out of the little cunt. You can see all the Sister porno clips at Bring Me Your Sister in DVD quality so be sure to check them out today.

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Punk Fat Coed Cunt Rock Makeover!

Tattooed redhead and blond with shaved cunts and natural boobs get fucked in a wild goth orgy.
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Ah! Finally those grand stills you have been looking at of Mr. Pete, Misti Dawn and Jessie Lee have come to life; now you can see the film! Check out the "punk rock makeover" and find out what happens when a little gangster white boy invests in a pair of tight pants.


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Richard Nailder Fat Teenager Cunt And Maddy Marks

I had the pleasure of being the first guy Maddy Marks ever fucked on camera and trust me, fucking this hot blue-eyed redhead is a lot of fun – even if her brother is filming it. girl next door coed Maddy Marks got started in porno because hes messed up her brother’s guitar and he wanted vengeance. And what better vengeance than to shoot your sister in her first porno scene and keep the coin she earns. Maddy was real shy at first and kept giggling and looking away from her brother but I managed to stuff my fat schlong all the way in her clean shaved swollen coed cunt. Maddy has a flawless set of natural boobs and the prettiest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. See more of this sexy coed redhead by joining Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Richard Nailder, Maddy Marks and her brother Tommy

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